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The climax of the story begins in the middle. Where the dauntless faction are now under simulation from the Erudite and are killing off the Abnegation. This war has created bloodshed and has created deep division between friends. Will it end?

SPOILER ALERT:The war or the climax of the story didn't start to subside until the next book, Insurgent. In Insurgent a different conflict starts once all of the Divergent and remaining uncontrolled Dauntless start to gain back their headquarters. Find out what happens next in Insurgent


By: Veronica Roth


Point of View




Book Report by: Aysia Amoah

The conflict in the story is both Human V. Human and Human V. Society. I think this because in the story most of the main factions are fighting for freedom of faction. Also, people are fighting against eachother repeatedly to keep themselves alive.

The point of view or prespective that the book is in is of Tris. I personally like the story in her point of view because she is considered as the strongest Divergent that there is.

For Mature ages only.Reader discretion is advised

Beatrice A.K.A. Tris: ProtagonistTobias A.K.A FourChristinaCalebJeanine: AntagonistPeterTori

Genre: Young-adult fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Utopian and dystopian fiction

"...But we must also think of ourselves."

"...It's Al". Christina said.

Setting:The story takes place in various headquarters of different factions. the main area where the story takes place in is at the Dauntless headquarters where Tris is being trained for the time being. The headquarters change throughout the story according to the situation that may be occuring currently.

Theme: The central idea or the theme of the story is about how groups of people can stand up for their own rights. The question is will the factions gain their independence?

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