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Distance Formula

Step 1- Write the distance formulaStep 2- Plug in variablesStep 3- Solve within radicalStep 4- Find the square root

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DISTANCE FORMULA OVERVIEWThe distance fomula can be used to find the distance between two points on a number line.Finding the distance of lines may help a student find out whether two line segments are congruent or not.

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After completing each step, as shown above, the two line segments have different lengths, meaning they are not congruent. Line segment AB is longer than EF.

Sample ProblemFind the distance of line segments AB and EF and determine if they are congruent. A (1,2), B (2,8), E (6,4), F( 8,6)

The distance formula applies to a coordinate plane, where the distance, d, between two points (x1, y1) and (x2, y2), is represented by the formula:

Step 1Write the distance formula

Step 3Next, you must solve within the radical. This means you subtract within each parentheses and then square the difference. After you do this step, your equation will look like (d=)

Step 2Suppose the question were to find the distance between (3,1) and (4,8). Plug in the points, into the distance formula. At this point the formula looks like (d=)

Step 4Finally, you may add the numbers within the radicals and find the square root of the sum. Like in this example, if the sum is not a perfect square, you may leave it in radical form or round to the nearest tenth.

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Line segment AB

Line segment EF


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