Dissolving Pills

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Dissolving Pills

The Benadryl pill dissolved into fine powder in about five miutes. The Advil and the Tylenol pills' dissolving time was over an hour. The middle of the pills expanded and floated to the top. The middle of the Tylenol pill dissolved and settled to the bottom. This happens because only the middle was able to dissolve.

-2 Advil pill capsules -2 Benadryl pill capsules-2 Tylenol pill capsules-Hydrochloric Acid Solution-Water-Glass Container-Gloves -Stop Watch

Dissolving Pills


If we put a pill in the solution until it dissolves, then the one to dissolve first would be Advil pill.

Our Prediction

We put each pill into hydrocholric acid for two trials. Once the pills were in the Hydrochloric acid solution, we timed each pill to see how long it takes to dissolve.

Tylenol Pill


What is the effect on the brands of pills in the amount of time in the solution?


By: Astrid Medina ' Jada Richardson


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