Dissociative Identity Disorder

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Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder

What is Dissociative Identity Disorder?



Brain Cells

How Is It Diagnosed?

How It Is Treated?

Dissociative Identity disorder is often developed during someones childhood when they get neglected or abuse. When they get abused or neglected in their early stages of their lives it iteferes with personality developement. 99% of people who have DID have a personal history of reoccuring, life-threatening, and traumatizing events that happen during the senstive part of devolping in someones childhood (usually before the age of 9).

Diagnosing DID takes quite a long time. Patients often stay in the mental health system for about 7 before they can have an accurate diagnosis. In order to diagnose someone with DID they have to have the following criteria:-Two or more distinct personalities present-Amnesia, also called gaps in their everyday life. For example someone wouldn't remeber that they got themselves a bowl of cereal because one of their other personalities did it for them.-Has problems in their everyday lives because of this disorder-This person has not developed this disorder by religious or cultural reasons.-These 'blackouts' that the host has cannot be induced by alcohol intoxication but their alters taking over.

A Video

People have done studies and compared someone with DID's brain to a healthy brain. They found that someone with DID had a much smaller hippocampus and amygdala than someone with a healthy brain. The role of the hippocampus is to keep long term memories and the amygdala is supposed to regulate emotions. Because of this it would help explain the various memories and emotions of the alternate personalities of someone suffering from DID.

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Most patients go to therapy sessions and take medications to help control their multiple personalities. This disorder is not like a disease, it cannot be cured. It can only be treated by therapy sessions and medications but it cannot be cured. During these sessions therapists talk to the patient about their personalities and how to deal with them. This just helps the patient control their alters so they could have a more functional life. Some people have controlled it so much that they can decide when they want to be which person.

This video is is a life of someone with DID. This lady has 22 different personalities. This video shows the struggles that Jenny Hill and her family had to endure. Raising a child while having to deal with 21 other personalities would be extremely difficult. It would be stessful for her child too because he would constantly have to wonder, 'is this really my mom I'm talking to?' It is also very dangerous to deal with someone with DID, if you don't know their personalities well enough or you don't when they aren't themselves and you say something wrong they could do something very extreme. As you will see in this video she has one of her personalities named 'Jenay', Jenay is very homicidal and if you say something to get her angry you would most likely be attacked. But professionals like Judy (therapist in the video) will deal with these people and try to help them.


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