[2015] Emma Jackowski (1st Life Science 2015): Dissociative Identity Disorder

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[2015] Emma Jackowski (1st Life Science 2015): Dissociative Identity Disorder

What is Dissociative Identity Disorder?

Dissociative Identity Disorder is a brain disorder that is characterized by two or more personalities. - There can be up to 100 alters, but there are usually 13-15- The alters can be different ages, genders, and even non-human- DID is usually a result of severe trauma, such as physical, sexual, and emotional abuse- A person experiencing trauma dissociates themself to 'escape'- The trauma usually occurs during childhood

Dissociative Identity Disorder

As shown here, DID is results more through trauma/abuse than genetics.

What is the cause of DID? The main cause of dissociative identity disorder is extreme trauma, which generally happens during childhood.

When a child is going through abuse or another terrible event, they literally dissociate themselves and believe that the trauma is happening to someone else..

What is the treatment?Treatment for DID consists of hypnosis with a therapist, who tries to understand the roles of the alters.

DID affeects women nine times more than men.

Inside the Mind of a Dissociative Identity Disorder Patient

What are the symptoms of DID? DID has several symptoms. Usually, people with the disorder are depressed, suicidal, and sometimes violent. They have memory lapses due to personality changes.

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