Dissociative amnesia

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Dissociative amnesia

What is Dissociative Amnesia? -When someone has memorie but cannot recall it or they are blocking it out of there memory.

Cause Dissociative Amnesia is linked with overwhelming stress and it usually occurs when someone has witnessed or exoerienced a traumatic event such as war, abuse, accidents, or a disaster.

Outlook The outlook depends on several factors, such asthe person’s life situation, the availability of support systems and the individual’s response to treatment.

Symptoms The sudden inability to remember past experiences or personal information. Some people with Dissociative Amnesia also might appear confused and suffer from depression and/or anxiety.

CourseDissociative Amnesia can be found in any age group. The main manifestation in most people is a large gap in memory. The duration of events of amnesia may be minutes or years.

PrevalenceThere is an increase in reports of Dissociative Amnesia that involve a persons previously forgotten childhood trauma. Some people belive this is good that they are treating so many with this illness, others think that it is bad they are and they think that the symptoms are being overtreated.



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