Disorder of Choice

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Disorder of Choice

DISORDER of choice

I think that doing drugs is a disorder of choice because you not born to addicted to drugs but there are some exceptions. Most people do drugs to fit in with everyone else. Drugs is a disorder of choice because you cannot get medical treatment but you can get medical treatment for disease. Being addicted cannot be pass down like disease for emaple if a person has hiv and that person's blood touches somebody esle blood now they have hiv to but doing drugs doesn't work that way. Disease occur when a person DNA order is mixed up or something isn't in the right order but drugs do not affect DNA it affects the parts of the body that multiplies DNA strands.

For drugs there are not any symptoms because it's not a disease but that are outcomes for people that are addicted to drugs. Some outcomes are they start to steal money to get drugs, they start having problems with there famiys, and they can look at jail time if they are caught with drugs by the cops.

there are no medical treatment for addicted beacsue like i said before it's not a disease. There is rehab for them but they are not force to stay and they can't be force to go they can only go there and stay if they want to but if they don't they would try to talk them into staying and that's all




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