Disolving Sugars Experiments

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Disolving Sugars Experiments

What did we do?1. Three cups are to be filled with 5cm full of boiling water. Observe from eye level to see if all cups contain the same amount of water.2. Add one levelled teaspoon of raw, castor and icing sugar into 3 separate cups.3. Stir in the sugar in the 3 cups at the same time trying to keep the speed and tempo the same. After 4 or 5 stirs stop and observe the sugar to see it if it has dissolved.4. Once either dissolved or reaches 30 stirs record the results.5. Repeat all the steps above with the chilled water and the room temperature water.

When I was making my predict I reflected on my prior knowledge and experiences of making a cup of tea or coffee and that sugar dissolves quickly in boiling water.Also I predicted that because when combining icing sugar with water creates a paste like substance for icing cakes or cookies.

•9 disposable cups•3 teaspoons same shape and size•Castor sugar•Raw sugar•Icing sugar•Water varying in temperature



What happened and Why?If the number of stirs reached 30 it didn’t dissolve in the water. Results showed that the higher the temperature of the water the faster the sugar dissolved in the water. Castor sugar dissolved in all the temperatures while raw sugar didn’t dissolve in water. After was finished conducting the investigation we were informed that the icing sugar was actually icing mixture. This means that it contains tapioca, which doesn’t dissolve in water. If this information was pasted on in the beginning my prediction would have been completely different.

Disolving Sugars


Investigate how many stirs it takes for different sugars to dissolve in different temperatures.




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