Diseases in the Early 1900s

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Diseases in the Early 1900s


The W.H.O. stands for World Health Organization. The O.R.T. program, which stands for Oral Rehydration Therapy, which was created by the W.H.O. to weaken this disease. The O.R.T. program replenishes all of the lost water and salt from the body. This program is really helpful, because even though we are loosing a more than we are gaining, we are still gaining back something. 2 >0, as in obtaining water and salt is better than nothing being acquired.

Diseases in the Early 1900's

Cholera: The Solution

Polio: The Conflict

When you are affected with Cholera, your body loses multiple fluids, minerals, nutrients, and salt, which leads to dehydration of the body. Cholera was was brought through boats with European immigrants, and it was born in the water (Parker 34). This portrays that if anything was needed to be shipped through boats/ships, then the disease most likely was on the transportation vehicle. There are two stages of Cholera, severe dehydration and death. You will always consume severe dehydration. Majority of the people has reached the second stage of Cholera (death). This disease first originated in India, during 1817, and spreaded west from the Indian sub continent; it spreaded to America from Europe.

Cholera: The Problem


Real Word Connection

Polio: The Resolution

All of us can relate to these problems, by having our own family members or friends dying of these diseases. Many people in this world has died from Polio, Cholerea, Influeza, Small Pox, etc. It is our job to help thes people recover from a loss. Thousands of lives have been efected by the diseases, but hopefully they thank and suport the programs that has been created for these problems.

There has been multiple attempts to create something to help resolve/weaken Polio, thanks to the discovery by Karl Landsteiner and Erwin Popper in 1908. “Jonas Salk was able to create the first effective Polio vaccine in 1952, which was first attempted by Maurice Brodie in 1935. Basil O’Connor was the first person to create a cure to Polio; the date he created the resolution is unknown, but it was between 1892 (birth) - 1972 (death). Polio was eradicated from the U.S. by The W.H.O. This demolishment was one of the proudest accomplishment of the U.S.

Glog By: Kelsey E. Kurian

This picture shows what to abstain from. Staying away from these objects/items can keep you far away from getting Cholera.


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Polio was first originated in India. This is a picture of children that has recieved crutches, boots,etc. to help them recover. They might never recover, but they will still be alived.

This is a photo of Basil O' Connor. He created the first effective cure for Polio. O' Connor also created the March Of Dimes program, that also helps support Polio.

Polio and Cholea were two diseases that impacted society in America during the early 1900’s; important organizations and people played a huge role in finding solutions to these diseases.


The disease first came to America in 1910, to New York City, New York. Polio was born in the water, and was also found in many foods."Polio has infected almost all children as soon as they were weaned from breast milk to a mixed diet, but infection caused symptoms in only a small minority(The Gale Group Inc. 1).” This supports that many children/babies have had this disease.


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