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Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

ANSWERS TO SCIENCE DISCUSSION QUESTIONSEnergy is the ability to do work. It can not be created or destroyed. Energy is always being converted from one form to another. This is called energy transfer. Potential energy is energy based on an objects position.Example: Biker at the top of a hill, rock at the edge of a cliffKinetic energy is energy of motion.Example: A bowling ball rolling down the alley, a football player running

ANSWERS TO MATH DISCUSSION QUESTIONS:1: 2/8, 4/162: 4/6, 8/123: A: 54/100, B: 3/8, C: 9 8/12 or 9 2/3, D: 3 2/10 or 3 1/5

Math:1. Which of the following is an acute angle?A: 99B: 110C: 892. Which of the following is a right angle?A: 89B: 34C: 903. Which of the following is an obtuse angle?A: 12B: 90C: 91



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