Discrimination against Immigrants

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Discrimination against Immigrants

Discrimination and Immigration Laws

Words that express DiscriminationAnti-Semitism – hatred of Semitic people (Jews)Nativist – a person who is afraid of and hostile towards all foreigners (Often they’re afraid the foreigners will take their jobs, homes, etc.)Persecution – mistreatment of people because of their race, religion, or ethnicityQuota System – limited the number of immigrants who were allowed to enter from each country

Immigration Laws

•1882 Chinese Exclusion Act – stopped most Chinese immigration

•Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 – allowed illegal aliens who came to U.S. before 1982 to become legal citizens

•1965 quotas lifted/changed and immigration begins again (4th wave)

•Immigration Act of 1924 - Quota System – no more than 2% of number of immigrants from 1890 would be allowed into the country – favored migration from Northern Europe

•1917 Literacy Act – have to pass literacy test to get into country

Immigrants face hard times

•Know-Nothing Party against Irish (who worked for lower pay) and Catholics (most Americans were Protestants)•Workingmen’s Party against the Chinese



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