Discovery Project I Glog Example

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Discovery Project I Glog Example

Check list: Did you - include 7 or more topics and explained in detail what you learned about them?- remember to include your name? (First, Last initial).-include some music for audience to listen to?- remember to CITE everything including images, information?- check spelling and definitions?

Instruction to embed Xtranormal movies: Publish your Xtranormal movie on YouTube (from Xtranormal site) and allow YT access your Xtranormal movie. Share YT link as a movie link.

Here is a Grooveshark link for Beethoven's 5th Symphony. Grooveshark link does NOT work when you want to add a link on "Sound" menu. I used it as a text on a graphic with a link to Grooveshark.

Discovery Project is about what you have discovered in music class thus far. So in your words, images, videos, and text, show me what you discovered! Due date: Wed., Nov. 10th, 2010.

Mrs. Lim's 7th Gr. Music Project

You can upload your movies (Movie Maker or iMovie/ Keynote) & attachments! is a recommended search engine

School Google Site

JamStudio music can be added here. Get a copy of MP3 sent to you. Once the song is on your desktop or in music file, you can upload it here by using "Sound" feature. from the menu.

The video on the left was a slideshow I made using Keynote. I exported as QuickTime and got it on here using VIDEO feature.


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