Discovering DNA

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Discovering DNA


1863Gregor Mendel: Father of Genetics" laws of Heredity, genes come in pairs and are inhereted as district units. Tracked Dominant and Recessive traits in peaplants.

1902Walter Sutton:His theory that Mendelian laws of inheritance could be applied to chromosomes at the cellular level of living organisms. (Boreri-sutton)

1928Thomas Hunt Morgan“Fly Room’ at Columbia to establish how species change. Fruit Flies, chromosomes can explain inheritance, chromosomal theory of heredity.

1944Oswald AveryHe discovered that DNA carries a cell’s genetic material and can be altered through transformation. Led to the understanding of the genetic code.

1951Rosalind FranklinStudied DNA structure with x-ray diffraction. Discovered two forms of DNA dry “A” and wt “B” form

1950Erwin ChargaffDetermined certain crucial facts that led directly to the correct elucidation of its molecular structure. Made Chargaff’s Rules.

1928Fredrick GriffithHis discovery was one of the first to show the central role of DNA in heredity. British bacteriologist whose focus was the epidemiology and pathology of bacterial pneumonia.

1952Alfred Hershey and Martha ChaseThey did a series of experiments that helped confirm that DNA is genetic material. Also showed bacteriophages, which are composed of DNA and protein, infect bacteria.

1953James Watson and Francis CrickThey determined the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The understanding of heredity and heredity disease was now possible.

1991Craig Ventor and Francis CollinsThey were a primary force behind the Human Genome project. They independently mapped and sequenced human DNA.

2001Human Genone Project completedSequence and map all genes of our species-genomes revealed there are probably about 20,500 human genes.


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