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The first permanent colony for Virginia was called Jamestown which was named for King James I of England.In 1607 John Smith founded the colony of Virgina.In Virginia he saw much potential with land and ways to grow as a communityl. Here, we also want like to raise pigs and cattle. His main purpose was for trade and profits. Our most popular thing here in Virginia is cash crops. Making lots of money, tobacco is the leading crop for money, along with corn,cotton and grains. Not only is there many opportunities to earn money, the crops help supply foods that get us through the year. The summers are humid but the winters are very mellow! This allows us to grow crops through the course of the year! And that gives us what? Yes, more MONEY!!

Here you will get the opportunity to own land and use it to grow crops, such as, tobacco,corn,grains and cotton. You will be able to get lots fo money and succeed more than you ever in your life. Farming can bring great satisfaction and money for you. If you buy a ticket now for you or someone else, you will get 50 ACRES of land Another thing is that you can get slaves to work for you who are very efficient.

Do you remember how horrible it was to be forced not to worship what YOU believed in? And every time someone did it they were punished? Well here in Virginia we believe in Christianity as much as you do. Here we have an Angelican church that you will follow. And when you do go to church then many good things will happen to you!!

"Where your voice is heard!"


The colony of Virginia is a Royal colony(ruled by the kings and queens). But a huge thing here in Virginia is the House of Burgesses where we have the first legaslative body! No wonder we're the best! White men who own land are now able to vote, that's right, for the first time ever, we will be holding elections to vote for two representatives of the House of Burgesses. And guess what! When the community finally has two representatives, the representatives make laws and rules for everyone, keeping the community together.


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