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My ideal school would also have lockers for personal items and books in American schools. Ideal School - a school of free choice, where each student can select a class in which he is interested, that are important for him personally. The children could choose subjects, teachers, and individual form of work pace.

In school, we learn a lot of things that we are not suitable in life, but I believe that the student has to choose for myself that it is useful in life and learn these things better than the rest of the hammer head objects. No you can not do homework. House children were preparing for the lesson, made interesting presentations, read interesting books, that would be better to remember the material.

My ideal schools

In my thoughts, I would be totally changed school. My school I really like, but I just have a lot to add. My school would be a three-storey, each floor would have been a lot of flowers. The ideal for me would be a school located in a quiet location near a large park, so that students could walk, relaxing after class.


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