Disaster Management

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Disaster Management

Disasters can happen to anyone at anytime. Creating a plan at the family, community, national, and global level will help manage and reduce the impact of disasters.Avoiding the time, cost, and resources needed to create a proactive plan is inexcusable and can have potentially devastating consequences. Are you and your community prepared?

Important Note: These phases do not have to occur in sequential order or in isolation of each other. - Mitigation - Minimizing the effects of the disaster (i.e. building codes, zoning, vulnerability analysis, public education).- Preparedness - Planning how to respond (i.e. preparation plans, emergency exercises and training, warning systems)- Response - Efforts to minimize the hazards created by the disaster (i.e. search and rescue, emergency relief).- Recovery - Returning the community to as close to normal as possible (i.e. temporary housing, grants, medical and psychological care.)See the full GRDC Document


Take care of yourFirst Responders

The Disaster Management Cycle

Goals of a Disaster ManagementPlan:1. Reduce or avoidlosses from hazards.2. Assure prompt victim assistance.3. Achieve rapid andeffective recovery.

71% of people do not have a personalpreparednessplan.

Safety Kit


Disaster Compilation


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