Disaster Happened (Twin Towers)

by shellyjoann
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Disaster Happened (Twin Towers)

The Twin Towers

My mom recalls when the twin towers in N.Y. were hit. We were in Clearwater, Florida, I was 2 years old and my sister had just turned 1. My dad calls my mom from school to tell her to turn on the tv to see the news. When she turned it on the disaster happened. The second twin tower was just hit. All she had was mixed emotions.

September,11 2001

When I recall personal memories from the five senses the most that I recall is hearing.The emotions that create triggers for my personal memories are being amazed, sad, scared, and happy. My emotional triggers are the same as my moms triggers because when she is happy I am happy too. That is why we have the same emotional triggers.

Twin Towers


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