Disasasters: Floods

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Disasasters: Floods



Example of Floods

What Floods Do:

1) floods damage citys costing them hundereds of millions of dollers. 2)floods also come just before hurracanes but we don't have hurricanes in Australia we have cyclones3)floods head for lower ground and travel at great speeds destroying everything in its path

Fast Facts 1) The most destructive flood in Australia is the Brisbane river floods costing 2380 Million dollers2)Floods can destroy everything in its path including cars, caravans and unsecured sighn posts3)Floods make a path for itself and making the path almost impossable to cross and almost impossible to get out if you are in the path 4)People are warned if a flood is about to come and they evacuate the city as quickly as possible5)People are transported to centres if they don't have relatives to stay with


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