Dirty 30's

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Dirty 30's

The Dirty 30's

R. B. BennettConservative. Beat King in the 1930 election, was PM for the first half of the 30's, then King was re-elected.


The Great Depression lasted the entire decade and is an important, tragic part of North America's history. Unemployment dropped as low as 27% as people all over the country starved.

Farmers couldn't make enough money from their land, had to go find other jobs, but there weren't enough available and were very hard to get.

The economy changed & prices of raw materials plummeted, leaving Canadians in a difficult position as crops & resources were a primary export. Drought in the Prairies worsened the situation.

People couldn't afford as much stuff because they weren't making any money, so businesses and manufacturers struggled.

Men in relief camps rallied to confront Bennett about the economic issues and the conditions of camps. This became the On-to-Ottawa Trek & involved 1,000+ men from all over the west. They were stopped by RCMP, leading to riots in Regina.

WLMK couldn't handle the economic crisis, so he lost to Bennett, but once Bennett was elected he didn't do enough to help Canada out of its increasingly deep economic rut.

Families had even more finincial trouble because of their size, as birth control was illegal at the time.

People got sick; they couldn't afford healthcare, working and living conditions were poor, lack of fruit & vegetables even caused cases of scurvy.

Conservatives set up 'relief camps' to handle all the unmarried, unemployed men, paying them low wages for construction work. Conditions in the camps were poor.

Not enough government aid! The government won't/doesn't know to solve the problem!

Poverty caused serious health problems! These too reduced Canada's overall quality of life in the 1930's.

Statute of Westminster went into effect, giving Canada "full legislative independence" in all affairs!

To sum up life in the 1930's...

Some of the ups of the 30's...

Creation of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation!

Bank of Canada was formed and Canada started printing its own money!

Cairine Reay Wilson: first woman in the Senate!

The Great Depression ended in 1939, at the start of World War II. Though this did bring an end to the massive financial hardship, it all was the beginning of a different age of tragedy in North American history...

And finally...


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