[2015] Christian Garrard: Dipstick Dave

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[2015] Christian Garrard: Dipstick Dave

Dipstick Dave cliff dives off rainbow bridge. He notices it hurts more when he dives in the spring than in the summer and he wants to know why.

Dipstick Dave

In the spring the temperature is lower so the volume goes down. So then the density goes up and the atoms come closer together. Then the surface tension becomes stronger.

This table shows the relationship between the temperature and density of water. This happens because when the temperature increases the volume increaces. So when the volume increases the density decreases and vice versa.

This shows that surface tension and temperature are indirectly related. This is because of intermolecular forces that decrease when the temperature increases. This shows that the water has stronger surface temperature in the spring.

This shows the difference between a higher density and a lower density. The higher density is more solid than the one with a lower density.

This shows the intermolecular forces that form surface tension. The forces create an attraction between the surface atoms.

This shows a paperclip that is more dense than water that is floating. This is because the surface tenson is strong enough to hold the paperclip up.

This shows different liqids floating on top of each other. This occurs when a different liquids have different densities.


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