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Dionysus,Bacchus:And... Dramatic enterance, now where's the wine.

Dionysus holding his grapes. These grapes were used to make his wine.

He was the god of many things, which includes wine, and olives.

And my personal favorite, he is the god of theatre.

Dionysus in one of his many statue forms.

Although he is a god, he is concidered man-womanly, because he is followed by many women called maenads.

He holds a fennel staff tipped with a pinecone. This is known as a thyrsus

Woodland spirits usualy occompanied Dyonysus on his journies. They were Sileni, and satyrs.

Parents:Zeus, and semele (a mortal.)Form(s): Lionpower(s): could posess the power of any god he chose. Could control vines, and had an imunity to be harmed.Symbol(s):Thyrsos,the flute, and wine barrels.

Once Dyonysus was standing on the rocks by the sea. Thats when a gang of pirates saw him and kidnapped him. Once on the ship they tried to tie him, but the ropes kept falling off like seeweed. He eventualy let them tie him, and they said they were going to sell him as a slave. Dionysus warned them of who he was, but the pirates did not listen, and the pirates called him a magic boy because he was growing ivy and grape leaves from the ships bow. Eventualy he had enough, then stirred up the sea, catching lightning bolts in mid air. Then he turned into a lion and scared the crew over board. Each time a crew member jumped off he turned them into a creature.Only the steersman was left, pleaing for Dionysus's mercy. Dionysus granted him mercy,Then he saw the creatures, who were really the crew, gliding through the water. He says I will call them dolphins. And since then At terible shipwreaks, they rescue the crew with grins on their beaky mouths. Are they trying to earn forgivness, for the time they insulted a god?


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