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Zeus is the father of Dionysus. After Semele died, he rescued Dionysus and stitched him to his thigh until he was ready to be born, giving him immortality.

Dionysus, the God of wine

Dionysus isthe god of wine, vegetation, pleasure and festivity. He is considered a patron of the arts and is associated with rebirth after death. He brings joy and ectasy but also can drive a man mad, reflecting both sides of wine nature. He is also the only god to have one mortal parent and is one of the 12 main Olympians.

Hera was jealous of Semele when she was with Zeus. After Dionysus was born, she was still jealous and teared Dionysus to pieces only to have him be brought back to life by Rhea.

Semele is the mother of Dionysus and also a mortal. She was burnt to a crisp after the sight of Zeus's glory and she went to the underworld before giving birth to Dionysus. Although, later in Dionysus's life, he went to the underworld to rescue Semele.

Dionysus produced many offspring. His devine offspring were Hymenaios, Iakkhos, Kharites, Methe, Pasithea, Priapos, Sabazios, Telete, and Thysa. His mortal offspring were Deineira, Eurymedon, Keramos, Maron, Narkaios, Oinopion, Peparethos, Phanos, Phliasos, Staphylos, and Thoas.

Rhea managed to bring Dionysus back to life after Hera killed him.


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