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PreyAll raptors are carnivorous and eat only meat. Different famalies of raptors catch and consume a variety of prey. Accipiters such as the Cooper's Hawk primarily feed on birds, but also can take small mammals like cottontail rabbits and squirrels.

PreySome scientists think Triceratopsate cycads, which are a type of plant that was common in the Cretaceous. These plants look likea small palm tree with a crown of sharp spiky leaves. A triceratops could use its strong beak to strip off the leaves before eating the trunk.

PreyThe dinosaur's skullhad a wide muzzle anda thick jawbones that housed spoon-shaped teeth, which were perfectlysuited for stripping vegetation.Brachiosaurus probably fed on coniferous trees, gingkoes, and cycads.

Tyrannosaurus Rex




PreyThe T. Rex was a very big meateating dinosaur, also called a carnivore. It would have been at the top of the food chain. It is known to have fed on other large dinosaurs, such as the Edmontosaurus, the Anatosaurus,and the Triceratops. The T. Rex probably could have swallowed smaller dinosaurs in a single bite.

ChacteristicsThe body of a Triceratops was big, round and planted on top of four short sturdy legs. It was 8 eight meters long. The Triceratops was about three meters tall and around six to twelve tons.

HabitatThe T. Rex was believed to live in forests near rivers and areas that were open and were full of prey. They were found in Western Northern America and possibly Asia.

Characteristics The T. Rex was 42 feet and 5 meters long and 16 feet tall. It weighed up to 4 to 6 tons, that's 8,820 - 13,220 pounds ! Its arms were very stubby, no longer than an average person's. The arms weren't even long enough to touch each other's.

CharacteristicsVelociraptors are under a meter tall.(about 3 feet.)They are usually five to six feet, from nose to tail. They weigh seven to fifteen kilograms(15-33 pounds.) Velociraptors had feathers on their skin. They had three fingers on each hand. Their head was long and narrow like a crocodile. They had 26 or more teeth. Each toe's claw was long, curved, and was 5 inches long.

ChacteristicsThe Brachiosaurus could reach the height of 30 meters and the weight of 32 tons. The front legs were longer than the hind legs. The size of the Brachiosaurus kept itself safe from the predators of its time.

HabitatThe Triceratops lived in the North American continent. Remains have been found in the states of Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota They were believed to be a herding animal.

HabitatThe Brachiosaurus lived on land in conifer forests, which they fed off of. The Brachiosaurus were once thought to live submerged in the water. We know this is impossible because the pressure of the water would have stopped the animal from breathing.

HabitatVelociraptors lived in Asia. Fossils have been found in Russia, China, and Mongolia. They lived in a place that was hot and covered with sand dunes. There were streams of water close to where some of the fossils were found. The Raptors may have lived near the water and preyed on animals that came to drink.



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