Dinosaurs By Noah C.

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Dinosaurs By Noah C.

There were only 3 stages of life for the dinosaurs to live in, then came the mass extinction.

What were the Dinosaurs???

Not all Dinosaurs were wiped out.

Most dinosaurs were wiped out in the astroid crash, but not all. Birds today are evolved dinosaurs, designed to kill different things. Turtles also have evolved from the dinosaur age, and have only gotten smaller. Even alligators represent dinosaurs from the longest time ago.

Reptiles lived a long time ago. They live about 250, 000 Million years ago. The reptiles that lived that time ago were called Dinosaurs. Some wer herbivores and ate plants, and others were carnivores and ate meat. Some were even omnivores and ate plants and meat.


Scientists think that only the colossal dinosaurs that were more than 10 feet died out.


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