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Dino Radoncic

DefinitionMutation: Change in the structure or amount of genetic information in a gene or chromosome.

Biological Mutagens: Some viruses can increase the frequency of genetic mutations because they interfere with the genetic material of the cell they are living in.

Types of Mutations:1st: Gene Mutations 2nd: ChromosomeMutations3rd:Numerical Mutations

Causes of mutations: 1st: Physical Mutagens2nd: Chemical Mutagens3rd:Biological Mutagens

Physical Mutagens: Radiation can cause damage to genetic material. The most dangerous types are X-Rays and radiation from radioactive processes. The rays from the Sun can also act as mutagenic agents. The atmosphere stops the most dangerous types of radiation but some UV radiation does reach the Earth.

Chemical Mutagens: Many substances, such as dyes used in industry, pesticides or certain pollutants can cause changes in genes. Tobacco smoke has mutagenic components. The risk of mutation increases if cells are regularly exposed to these mutagens.

Chemical Mutagens: Chemical mutagen is a mutation agent which is in the form of chemical substance, it can mimic nitrogen base in normal DNA but they cannot couple during DNA replication. Chemical mutagens are defined as those compounds that increase the frequency of some types of mutations. They vary in their potency since this term reflects their ability to enter the cell, their reactivity with DNA, their general toxicity, and the likelihood that the type of chemical change they introduce into the DNA will be corrected by a repair system.

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Dino Radoncic


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