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Dimitrius Smith

The Benefits Of After School Programs

Thesis Statement: Elementary school children who attend after school programs will get better grades and behave better during the school year than children who don't attend.

Organizational OverviewThe Lotus Academy is an kindergarten and pre-kindergartenstudents with a foundation that willallow them to develop into the kindof scholars and role models that areenvisioned by the higher grades ofthe Lotus Academy. The Lower Schoolis made up of our first, second,third, and fourth-grade students. Itis a preparatory program for middleschool and beyond that buildssuperior academic skills, studyhabits, and character. Our UpperSchool serves our fifth, sixth,seventh, and eighth-grade students,and their learning experience isenhanced by the fact that they haveadditional teachers for advancedsubjects such as computer science andfine arts, have access tosophisticated online learningcourses, and are actively involved instudent-centered independent learningprojects.Lotus Academy340 E. Haines Street, Philadelphia, PA 19144Phone: 215-438-7500 | Fax: 215-438-7596 | info@lotusacademy.orgindependent, private school that wasfounded in 1974, and has operatedsince that time on the basis of oneprimary objective: creating anacademically superior and culturallyaffirming institution that developsfuture leaders, life-long learners,and world citizens. The focus of theLotus Academy program is on laying astrong foundation for the properacademic, cultural, and socialdevelopment of its students. Itconsists of a state-licensed day carefor kindergarten and pre-kindergartenchildren, a Lower School for gradesone through four, and an Upper Schoolfor grades five through eight.

Mission StatementAfter graduating from Imhotep Institute Charter High School, Dimitrius will be applying to different colleges. His top choice is LaSalle University. He plans to major in Music Production..

Final Critical Reflection:My favorite part of the internship was interacting with new students and getting to know them. I enjoyed this aspect of my internship because some of the students reminded me of myself at their age. For example, the students played around a lot, while others had trouble concentrating on their schoolwork. I could relate to them because I was similar as a elementary school student. However, even if these students were not perfectly behaved, they showed me so much love as an elder. I was successful at just talking with the students and understand how they were feeling. I listened to their perspectives and I did not judge them for feeling however they were feeling.

Connection to African American Community:Afterschool programs are a resource for many African American communities. Many African American parents work afterschool and therefore need a place for their children to go.



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