Dilshaan & Kaylah

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Language Arts

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Dilshaan & Kaylah

Chris Van Allsberg




Trudy is nice and hypnotized.

Calvin is mean to Trudy and he does not like her.

Dilshaan Kaur


Characters For The Story Probuditi1.Trudy2.Calvin

Just A Dream

The Polor Express

Chris Van Allsberg'sbooks are similar because they have mysterious endings and they are all fiction but Queen of the Falls is nonfiction.

A Character For Just A Dream:Walter

In the beginning of the story a boy named Walter did not care about nature. He always threw garbage on the streets and never sorted out the garbage. After he went to a dirty future he learned his lesson. He went back to his home and picked up all the trash. He also sorted out the trash. For his birthday, he wanted a tree because he now cared about nature.

Biography of Chris Van Allsberg.

Chris Van Allsberg was born in Michigan on June 18th, 1949.

Chris Van Allsberg's Grandpa had owned and operated a creamry. In the creamry, milk was turned into butter, cream, cottage cheese, and ice cream.


Chris Van Allsberg


Chris Van Allsberg's books are fictional picture books.

Author's Style

Image of Chris

How Are Chris's Books Similar?



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