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Next Generation Global Education

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Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling

What to look for in 21st Century TeachingStudents will have a choice on what to learn and how to learn. They will have options of peer-to-peer collaboration and individualized instruction from tutors in person and online. Learning should connect to the real life situation by intergrating for example a History class with a television documentary series and an interactive timeline on a website.Learning in the 21st Century should not be thought as memorizing subject specific facts and topic concepts in a vacuum, but rather as cross disciplinary and focus on real world contexts. Teachers should emphasize the application of knowledge rather than the facts of knowledge!

Teachers are the key agents of change of tranforming a 20th-century education system into the 21st one. Teachers need to believe that their voices, ideas and instructional startegies matter and make a difference.The role of teachers should not only be that of a knowledge disseminator but help students through the process of how to learn. Teachers should demonstrate and model the way students should learn effectively and students choose the best way they learn better and that works for them. Professional developments in the 21st century should be teacher driven and they should be available all the time through on line courses and seminars.Teachers should utilize as many resources as possible to effectively teach students.

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