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Ponyboy Curtis

Roll in The Outsiders con'dAfterwards he visits Johnny in the hospital, who dies in front of him and Dally on the hospital bed. A deranged Dally then rushes out of the hospital room, in shock from Johnny's death. When Pony goes home, he feels uneasy and confused from the concussion and falls ill, so much so that he becomes bedridden for a day or two. As a result, his grades in English drop because he becomes absentminded, forgetting things that he wouldn't have before the concussion. His teacher said he would pass him if he gave him a good thesis on a papers so Ponyboy decides to write his paper on the events that happened two weeks prior, starting with the first few lines of the book.

FireAn unstoppable force of naturethat cannot be controlled.It feeds on destruction anddestroys all in its path. Fire takes the color from everything,leaving only a sooty gray or a charcoal black color scheme.It discriminates against nothing, taking everything it finds andturns it into ashes to be sweptaway by the winds of time.

Roll in The OutsidersPonyboy narrates the novel and is the main character. His parents died in a car accident eight months before the novel takes place. Friends with Johnny, Two-Bit, Steve, Cherry, Dally, Curly Shepard, Sodapop, and Darry. Pony and Johnny run away, with Dally's help after Johnny killed Bob, a Soc. Ponyboy also helps Johnny rescue kids in a burning church that he and Johnny were hiding out in. Pony gets out unscathed, while a piece of burning timber falls on Johnny, breaking his back and giving him 3rd degree burns all over his body. During a rumble, Ponyboy gets hit with a bottle and gets a concussion.

BioI was born July 22, 1952, and I am fourteen years old. My brothers are Darrel Curtis and Sodapop Curtis, and my best friend is Johnny Cade.I like to read and watch movies unlike the other Greasers. I'm also very considerate about others, at least that's what my friends say. If I see glass on the road, I'll pick it up so that people don't get a flat tire if they run over it with their car. I have Light-brown hair and greenish-gray eyes.I have a good build for my size, and I'm a fast runner on the A-star track team.I get good grades, so I was put up a year in highschool, as well as being put in the A classes. My brother, Darry, is always on me about not thinking ahead, saying I'm book smart, just not street smart.In The Outsiders movie, I was portrayed by C. Thomas Howell, and I have to say, he looks almost exactly like me. I always wondered if it was just coincidence he resembled me, or if the casting crew wanted someone who looked like me.

C. Thomas Howell

Ralph Macchio



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