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Digital Storytelling Posenjak

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Hi, my name is Katelyn Posenjak, but most people call me Kate. I recently graduated from Canisius College with a B.A. in Adolescence Education with a concentration in English. During my student teaching, I taught high school in a charter school in Buffalo as well as 7th and 8th grade in a Buffalo public school. I really enjoyed my experiences in the Buffalo public school and wouldn’t mind getting a job in Buffalo. My dream job, though, is to teach in a high poverty rural district.

I am pursuing a Master's in literacy for birth to 12th grade because I was a struggling reader when I was younger. Eventually, I had to see a special reading teacher when I was in second grade. She helped develop my reading skills enough so that I could get by in school, but I still could not read fluently until about 6th grade, when I started coming up with “tricks” to help me decipher and remember words. Now I’m never without a book.My ultimate goal in pursuing a Master’s in literacy is to use some of my own experiences as a struggling reader and the knowledge that I will gain by participating in the literacy program to better prepare myself to become a teacher who can recognize struggling readers and help them improve their reading skills so that they might actually enjoy reading and learning someday.

For fun, I like to: - Go hiking - Play with my cats - Go horseback riding (my aunt taught me) - Listen to music - Read, of course


Katelyn Posenjak

Why Literacy ?

Fun Facts

I currently have a very limited amount of online experience. I took a few during undergrad, but I’m about to learn very quickly. In addition to this class, I have 3 other online courses this semester.

Online Experience

These are my cats -Addie, Oskar, and Max

Me on a good hair day

Venus, my aunt's horse


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