Digital Storytelling (Hamlet)

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Digital Storytelling (Hamlet)


Hamley was written in 1600-1602 by the play writter William Shakesphere. The play has many thing sthat it could be based of, for example it could be based on the twelfth-century latin history of Denmark. Also we must pay mind that This story was written during the Renaissance.

Although hamlet is anamazing story, it is best not to forget that it isa tragedy, and the main character dies at the end, Though I presonally believe that Hamlet is a very underestimated character. Throughout the whole play, The one thing that is on his mind is revenge, but he truly tries to fight his monsters. That is why I think he difers from someone like Macbeth or even Romeo.

-The Lion king is an adaption of Hamlet.-Hamlet is the secound most filmed tale, falling only behind cinderella.-Hamlet is Shakespears longest play with 4,042 lines.-The first actor to ever play Hamlet was Richard Burbage.-Shakespear was written around 1600-1602.

The resolution to hamlet, like most of shakespears plays, has a lot to do with the main characters flaws. In this case thats hamlet. At the end of the play, Hamlet finally gets his revenge, but like all of shakesphere's tragaties, dies a horiable death. The prolonging question throught the play is Hamlet's most famous line "to be or not to be" as in to be like his father or not like his Father. In the end, the resolution is that he becomes like is father.




"to be or not to be"

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Hamlet dies


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