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Food in Class

Opposing Side’s PointOther people say that it’s too messy, and it can be distracting. I would say do you want better test scores in the grade book or no crumbles. They may also say that kids would play with their food. It will take to much time to pass out the food. Kids should be mature enough to not play with their food.

Main point 3Without water you brain can shrink. When you sweat you brain shrinks so it really important to drink water. When kids don’t eat breakfast it’s harder for them to get through the day. The nutrition that kids eat help them think easier.

Glog By:Nathan Olson

Main point 2With the right nutrition will help raise their test scores. Eating nutritious food will raise test scores. 85% kids that eat nutrition before a test score better than the one who don't. Nutrition indirectly impacts school performance. Nutrition can help raise scores in classes.

Main Point 1The nutrition from fruit or vegetables will boost kids energy to go through the day. More than 50% of kids in middle school either forget or don't have time to eat breakfast because of sports other school activities. Kids that have the nutrition to go through the day have better test scores than the kids that don’t. Also if you go through the day without eating anything it is harder to stay focused. Eating and drinking healthy will sharpens your mind.

IntroductionDo you ever wonder why schools don't let you eat in class? Maybe it’s too messy, or maybe it a distraction to other students. Some may even say it will take to long. I’m here to tell you why we should have food and drinks. It will boost kids energies so kids will stay up and go through the day without falling asleep. With the right nutrition will help raise their test scores, mostly math and reading. Plus if you don't stay hydrated your brain can shrink.


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