Digital Storytelling

by MzMelissaGomez
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Digital Storytelling

Junie B. First Grader Dumb BunnyRead aloud Experience

Audience ResponsesThe audience talked about and could relate to some of the things that occured in this book such as name calling, and being made fun of. They could refer to having interaction with some of the kids who do this or posess the same traits and even act the way the kids do in this book. The audience liked the pictures that were done by the author.

Discussion StrategiesI talked bout teachable moments, lessons learned and values because it is important for kids to learn about this so they know how to treat other kids. The audience opened up and gave real life scenarios to where they were put in a similar position. I asked if any of this behavior from any of the characters was acceptable? They responded no. It's not okay to brag that you live in a big house or make fun of someone, or call someone names such as dumb.


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