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Digital Storytelling

Thesis Statement

Stereotyping in classes

Genders shouldn’t be separated in schools because it causes the students to skip out of equal learning opportunities, enforces gender stereotypes, and doesn’t let them learn life skills they need in life.

It doesn’t let students get important life skills

If schools are separated in can cause the students to miss important life skills. Being separated in classes could cause the students to not respect the opposite gender the way they should. The students can’t learn real life experiences because they are separated. Opposite genders push each other because they both want to look better. The girls push the boys to do better and same for the boys with the girls. If students aren’t together in classes, then when they are together in college or whenever they are back together it will be socially awkward because they never got to be together and socialize.

Counter Argument

Someone who is going against me on this topic may say that it helps the students focus more and they focus more depending on their surroundings. My argument for that would be it may help improve some scores, but not in every class and it is actually better for them to be together because they push each other to be better. Boys and girls both want to look good in front of each other so they try and be better. Girls and boys who may not work well all the time are pushed to do better by the opposite gender. I know I push some of the boys to do better in my class. The students may feel self conscious around just their gender only. Students need to learn from each other in order to fully learn and earn respect from their peers.

Not having equal learning opportunities

Students that attend gender separated schools feel as if they don’t get the full learning opportunities that they should be getting. Students don’t get to see the other gender's point of view on subjects The students might feel like they are being sort of punished by not being able to debate and learn from the opposite gender. Without the opposite genders view on subjects students can’t fully learn and the gender might just think that their opinion is totally right because they don’t know the other genders view. Students might feel like they aren’t good enough to be taught with the other gender. They may think that the teachers are separating them by gender so they can teach their favorite people.

Gender separation in classes.

Separating boys and girls in classrooms can enforce stereotypes. Boys are forced to work in a more physical environment because that’s the stereotype they have. When the students are separated they can’t be social with who they want and they can’t be who they are. Some parents from schools that are separated have said they feel like it’s discriminating the genders. It enforces the idea that the one gender can only be friends with with the same gender. Stereotypes say that girls are more focused in a dim lighted area with little to no sound. In an article I read some girls say the dim lighting bothers them while reading and sometimes the silence gets boring.


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