Digital Sabbath

by lakerutledge
Last updated 5 years ago

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Digital Sabbath

Digital Sabbath

This was how I felt before I gave up my phone for a few hours...

The first little bit without my phone made me feel kind of derpy...I didn't like it.

My family went for a drive! No phones, no radio.

My family went kayaking, but I had to paddle a lot or I'd start wanting take pics

The longer I was out there, the more I began to enjoy sitting and taking in how beautiful it was!

I was feeling pretty good without my phone by this point!

I really began to appreciate how beautiful everything around me was. I learned that a break from technology is actually a really good thing. I needed it.

By the time it was all over, I would have to say that I felt rejuvinated...but I was pretty happy to get my phone back!

"If I can go five hours without using my phone, I can do anything!"



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