Digital Radio- Faith and Maulisha

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Digital Radio- Faith and Maulisha

The original name for Digital Radio is DAB which stands for Digital Audio Broad-casting. DAB+ means the radio has Digital and FM/AM station while DAB only has Digital.

Digital Radio was not only developed by one person it took dedication of 4 years of a group of broadcasters in The Reaserch Centre of German Broadcasters.

Then in 1985 the first Digital demonstration were made in Geneva Switzerland. In 1988 first DAB waves were made in Germany. Meanwhile in 1987 DAB was developed for European Union EUREKA.

Digital Radio's wave are converted in to digits 1 & 0 and comes to your radio unlike a FM/AM radio waves bounces of the objects and comes to your radio, this process of bouncing does not give hgh quality sounds like a Digital Radio.

The Digital Radio look some what like a normal radio that you guys might have at your house. Though it has loads of stations than a normal radio. The most common colour Digital Radio come is black.

Digital Radio

Then in 1999 UK was the first country to get wide range of digital radio station with 50 commercial and BBC station were availaible by 2001. By 2006 500 million people worlwide had access to DAB.

The Digital Radio also have an antenna to recieve HD signals and a dial just like a normal radio to choose which station you would like to listen. It also have buttons to operate volume and recording .

Digital Radio helps us communicate by keeping us up to date about what is going on around the world and informing us about what might effect us.

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DAB services were availaible in Australia in May 2009



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