[2015] katie gogets: Digital Poster Project (Buffalo Soldiers)

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[2015] katie gogets: Digital Poster Project (Buffalo Soldiers)

The Buffalo Soliders began in 1866, when congress legislation was adopted to establish six all AfricanAmerican Army units. These units were classified as the 9thand 10th calvary, and 39th, 38th, 41st, and 40th infantryregiments. In 1868, these regiments were re-established asthe 24th and 25th infantry.

The Buffalo Soldiers Katie Gogets; AFAM3333-995Spring 2015

These African American men were required to enlist for five years and earned $13.00 a month. This was way more than these men could have hoped to earn in civilian life.

The main purpose of the Buffalo Soldiers after the Indian War, was toprotect the settlers as they migrated west. As well as supportig the expanison of land westward in the United States. These men also built forts and other sturctures necessary for thesenew settlements to thrive and survive.

More than 180,000 African American solidersserved in the United States military during the Civil War. They faced a great deal of segregation and prejudice from the different ranks. However, congress recognized their valiant effort and fearlessness, and granted them a regimentof their own in the U.S. military.

A famous officer of the Buffalo Soldiers was Henry O. Flipper. He went on to be the first African Americn to graduate from Westpoint in 1877.

Although the Buffalo Soldiers faced a great deal of segregation and discrimination by the white settlersand soldiers, they held the lowest desertion rate ofany army unit in the United States.

General Benjamin O. Davisin 1941 became the first AfricanAmerican man to commandthe regiments.

Twenty-percent of the troopers in the U.S. Calvary during the Indian War were African American. During this time they earned a distinguished record: 13 enlisted men and 6 officers were awarded the Medal of Honor.

Eventually, the Buffalo Soldiers were integratedwith the regular military forces. However, the termis still a symbol of honor and bravery.

The Buffalo Soldiersparticipated in manymilitary campaigns throughout history.These included; TheSpanish American War, The MexicanExpedition, and bothWorld Wars.

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