Digital Natives

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Digital Natives

The term digital natives was coined by Marc Prensky (2001). It refers to the generation of people born between 1985 and 1994 who have grown up immersed in technology.Prensky believes that contemporary education should reflect the views and skillset of our current students. He believes that this generation of students need pedagogy that reflects the social change that the technological digital revolution has created in all of our digital natives.

igital Natives

One theorist argues that due to poor pedagogy and very minimal incorporation of contemporary digital native education, this is having a detrimental effect on students.Pletka (2007) claims that the rate of student drop outs in High School has risen by 9% in our current generation of students. Pletka states this is due to the divide between our digital native students and their digital immigrant teachers.

It's important to realise however that not all students learn the same or have the same skill levels.Bennett et al. (2008) argues that not all students are on the same level of cognitive thinking, nor do they have access to these technological tools to make them 'digital natives' and to categorise them as such presents as problematic.

So, do we need to radically change our education system? Or is this just a sensationalised fallacy?

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