Digital Learning Day

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Digital Learning Day

Why not? Things to consider before implementing...1. Eliminating all books from instruction- What would this cause?2. Limiting or eliminating physical movement during the school day3. Need of students for concrete manipulatives (hands-on learning)4. Distrust among teacher about technology 5. Unwillingness of teachers to create a digital only learning environment6. Who fixes tech problems? Will schools provide loaner equipment?7. Cost for both schools and students8. Need to upgrade (or simply change) brands and models frequently9. Need to purchase additional software and tools 10. Safety of students and property

Why to Participate in the Digital Learning Day1. Students are more engaged and motivated when using technology.2. Not all students learn in the same ways. Digital learning allows for more individualized instruction. 3. Teachers will learn new ways to educate students. 4. It can help prepare students for the future and the new technologies that they will encounter. 5. Using technology can help ensure that students get access to the most up-to-date information.6. School systems can create a plan that works best for them, such as supplying devices for each student, or having them bring their own devices. 7. Students can learn anywhere and at any time.8. Learning hours can be extended and students can learn at times that work best for them.9. Students can work at their own speed and learn at their own rate.10. Students can take a leadership role in their learning, and in how to demonstrate their learning. 11. Teachers can send and receive assignments at different times and from

Digital Learning Day

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It is our opinion that having a DLD would be very beneficial for our students. We feel that it will help students to become stronger 21st century learners, be more engaged in instruction, and better able to receive individualized instruction. We do feel that professional development and school policies need to be well in place before that start of the program, but that with training teachers can utilize technology in new ways that will benefit students.

A student view on DLD

A look a digital learning in the elementary classroom.

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