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Social Studies

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FOODThe eating of food consisted of a strange ritual for the Digital Immigrants, whereby people use to sit in chairs around a large table and engage in meaningful social interaction whilst eating, thus re-affirming social bonds and receiving intellectual stimulation. The food itself was notably more diverse and nutritious, consisting of more than the Digital Native's standard diet of 2 minute noodles and other empty carb's.

A Long, Long Time Ago.A long, long time ago...People used their legs to propel themselves to the things they needed or wanted, such as information, stuff, and other people. And they used their mouths, eyes, ears, hands, bodies and pens to communicate.

The History of Digital Immigrants

MUSiCTo get music, the Digital Immigrants had to MAKE or BUY instruments. With considerable effort they had to be nice to each other and cooperate if they wanted to hear several instruments playing simultaneously. And when they stopped playing, the music stopped, and they could not download to itunes.

Actual footage of Digital Immigrants, filmed in 1971 on acetate film.



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