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Digital Footprint

-Your digital footprint could cause your grades to go up or down.- Your digital foot includes, your e-mails, your searches, and what sites you go on at the exact time you went on the website or sent the e-mail. If your footprint has a bad trace, consequences will be included and even suspension or expullsion.

Digital Footprint

-Once you put the image out is out their forever. -Passwords are like tooth brushes, you dont share them and you dont change them that often.-Footprints stay, like footprints in the sand-It all add up to who you are.-Your parents, teachers, employers, future colleges and police can find it as well-Everything you post is permanent.-Don't put personal and private information out on the internet. -Self-reflect before you self-reveal.-It can be shared copied and printed.-93% of teens go online.-73% of teens have profiles on social networks.-47% of teens have posted photos.-78% of teens have cell phones. -80% of teens online, use social network. (Instagram, etc)-If you put anything on the internet and delete it, it will still be out their.

Digital Footprint Videos

- If you search something inapropriate, people can look in to your search history.- Keep private info private. Ever heard the saying,"Internet is forever". You might think you can press delete and it will be all gone. Well that is not true.


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