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digital delights

Make a trading card with big huge labs!

I copied text,then pasted it into Tagxedo. It became this cool key-shaped word cloud! - Add speech bubbles and sound effects!

I have created this wiki for the Digital Delights Extravaganza session on July 27, 2010 in McKinney ISD. We will talk about the tools listed on the menu. We will have time to play with them and discuss how you can use them with your students. You will be able to access this wiki during and after the training.

Remember to start small... try one or two of these tools. Become comfortable with them, use them with your students a few times on different projects. You'll know when you're ready to move to another one. - I uploaded a picture and selected an effect for it. Very easy!

I used to make this iPod. You can put in your own text and create a "playlist."



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