Digital Classroom Cadre 4.0

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Digital Classroom Cadre 4.0

Samantha Ortega Digtial Classrom Cadre 4.0

My Classroom


What will we do?

Our Equipment

Chemical Safety

Students created safety posters based on safety techniques and rules. This was the first technology based project students completed to introduce them to simple technology based presentations. Students created posters using the program Canva. They collaborated to create catch phrases and take images of themselves as well as off the internet. Students submitted completed posters via email, and presented them to their classmates. Students found this project entertaining and simple; yet a great way to make a concept they learn each year fun and exciting. Posters were printed and have been up all year for students to revisit.

Collaboration is key to digital learning success. Students will work interactively to further their knowledge not only in Chemistry but as well as in the digital world. When we explore the digital world, students will be able to connect not only with each other, but with myself, other students, and educators around the world.

My classroom will be transformed into a digital classroom encouraging appropriate technology to enhance the learning experience of Chemistry. Students will be encouraged to further their knowledge by researching deeper and more complex information on Chemistry. I would also like to Flip my classroom, allowing students to interact with me via lectures and activites. The classroom will not only be a digital classroom for the studetns, but will be an invitation for parents to become students as well.


Enriched Technology Project

The vision I have for my classroom is to create a Flip classroom where students are the center of learning and I'm simply a facilitator. I would like to create lessons for students to view and when they return to class we have enriched conversations and complete activites to further their knowledge on the subject. I wish to create a transparent classroom where parents may also learn alongside their students.


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