Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

Digital health and wellness covers both physical and psychological wellness. My students will learn proper posture, typing and vision care for using digital technology.

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Digital commerce awareness means that students understand how much of the economy is driven by e-commerce. I will teach good citizenship for both selling and consuming through e-commerce.

Digital communication has expanded the ability of anyone to constantly communicate with anyone else. I will teach my students to use this power wisely and effectively.

Digital rights and responsibilities include the right to privacy and the right to freedom of speech. I will teach students about these rights and to use them responsibly.

Digital access means that not everyone has the same access to digital technology. All students in my classroom will be given access to technology for learning daily.

Digital security is the protection of both data and people. I will teach my students techniques to backup, store and protect their data. I will also teach students to protect themselves from predators and identity thieves.

Digital literacy requires that teachers stay informed on how to use new technology as it emerges. This knowledge will allow me to better educate my students on emerging technology.

Digital etiquette is critical for all users of technology, but students need training to understand their responsibilities. I will teach students proper use rather than banning technology.

Digital law deals with criminal activity and our responsibilities to obey the law when using digital technology. I will teach my students the ethical and legal requirements they will face as citizens and professionals.

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