Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship

RESOURCESInternet Safety Training ProgramsChildren's Internet Protection ActUmasking the Digital Truth

Digital Citizenship:Developing a Culture of Trust and TransparencyMarcinek, Andrew. Edutopia. October 22, 2014.


It's all about the Acceptable Use Policies in schools needing to be more understandable in addition to promoting a responsible use of technology.

Well, first, Acceptable Use Policies should be written in student friendly language as opposed to reading like a legal document.


Hmm ... How can they do that?

Now I get it.

And second, the semantics of school policies should shift from "you shouldn't do that" to "this is how I will make choices to use technology in a positive way."

Is it like making good choices in life?

Exactly!Making good choices online is much like making good choices about your body's health, for example.

Digital Health & Wellness

The BIGis

It's called

DISTRICTS SHOULD:>include parents in the conversation>Provide "Community Tech Nights" to inform parents what apps students are using in class and at home>Create workshops to provide attendees with hands on experience

You bet!

Wow! Where can we learn more about this exciting topic????

Administrators and teachers should place trust in their students and empower them to make the right decisions when using technology in school. Parents and communities need to be involved. By developing this healthy digital culture, "schools will begin to see great successes in teaching and learning."

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Common Sense Media is a great resource for iBooks, videos, and the scope and sequence of digital citizenship curriculum.

And check out these 2 videos.

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Yeah - can districts make an impact outside of school?

What about when I'm at home or at the library?



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