Digital Citizenship Project

by hunter768594
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Digital Citizenship Project

Acceptable useAceptable use is when you use the comeputer for school apporpiate resonsSome examples of acceptable use is when you dont look into other peoples work wiyhout there permission.Another eample is that you should not cyber bully.

Internet safetyInternet saftey is when you you make choices that will keep you secure onlineSome examples of internet saftey are dont give out persnal infotmation or passwords out.

Fair use and copy frightFair use and copy right is when you give credit to the author of the mateiralsome examples of fair use and copyright are you can only use 3 minutes of video. another example is you can only use up to 30 seconds of music.

Website reliabilityWebsite relibility is when you can trust the infomation and you are safesome examples of internet safety are having a trusted author like National Geographic and also if it is a .otg, .gov, and .edu.

Digital Citizenship projectBy hunter



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