Digital Citizenship for Parents

by mabspeh
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Digital Citizenship for Parents

Scroll Down: FIVE Essential Facts of Digital LifeKids are the creators. It’s all about participating; communicating; making music, images, and videos; and posting written content. And the content that’s there? Kids must be able to know whether it’s credible or not.Everything happens in front of a vast, invisible, and often anonymous audience.Once something is out there, it lasts for a long time. Everything leaves a digital footprint.Information cannot be controlled. Anything can be copied, changed, and shared instantly.Distance and anonymity separate actions and consequences. Kids think they can get away with unethical or unacceptable behavior because they don’t see immediate consequences.CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

A Parent's Guide to

Digital Citizenship & Cyberbullying

Click here & scroll down for a Family Contract & Guide for Teens using Smart Phones

Click here for an awesome resource

Facebook Tips for Parents...*Talk to your teens about controlling their information*Use strict privacy settings *Pre-approve tags *Don't post your location *Use notification settings *Set rules about what is appropriate to post *If in doubt-take it out *Encourage teens to self-reflect before they self-reveal *Create your own page *Be a good role model. Click here for more information.

Digital Footprint

Connected Culture

Giving parents the tools needed to support their children in becoming responsible digital citizens in the 21st Century.

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