Digital citizenship - Cyberbullying

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Digital citizenship - Cyberbullying

Help Stop It!

Cyberbullying mainly happens between the ages of 10 and 17. I think that the time it can be the worst is when you are about 11 to 14 not because people say worse things but becasuse younger kids let it get to them more and they might not know how to deal with it. Being a victim of cyber bullying myself, I know how it feels. I was cyberbullied in part of grade 5, 6 , and 7. I didn't know how to deal withit until i talked to my friends which was hard to do. because I didn't know how they wiuld feel about it.

Most people who bully do it behing the screen of a phone or computer. They do this because this way they can be anonymous if they want to be. It takes more courage to say something to someone's face than it does to text them.81% of people say that they think it's easier to bully someone online than in person.

Why Online?

Cyber Bullying

At what age does this happen?

When people get bullied in any way it can make them feel bad about themselves and make them do bad things to themselves. ABout 4500 people commit suicide every year because they were cyber bullied. Some side effects of people who het bullied are: Disinterest in activity, lack of hobby, Loseing sleep, not eating enough, not sleeping enough, and suicide.

Side Effects

If you have a friend that is being cyber bullied, or if you are being cyber bullying, then you need to tell someone. You can tell your friends or a trusted adult, like a parent or a teacher. You shouldn't be scared or afraid to tell someone. Your friends and family can help you!

If you are getting bullied online then the best thing you can do is not let it get to you. If it doesn't bother you, then it isn't a problem. If you can't ignore it and the person gets to ou then you should tell someone. If someone sends you mean messages or threats online, then take a screenshot of it. Don't say anything back. SHow the screenshot or the messages to a parent or the police so they can help stop it. If you have a friend who you think is being bullied, talk to them! Ask them how they are and make sure they know they can trust you. You don't want to be ine of the friends of the 4500 people that kill themselves every year. If you are being bullied, Don't let the bully know that you care what they think. Evryone's different and everyone has there own unique style and if you don't get to know them you can't judge them.

Who Gets Cyber Bullied and Who Does the Cyber Bullying?

What You Can Do!

People who get cyberbullied are usually teens and young adults. I want to share what I know with mostly girls because I think that girls do't get bullied more but, the bullying has more of an effect on them. The people who do the bullying are usually people from a bad home or that don't have a greaty life. You can help them by talking to them or just listnening. Sometimes it's more important to listen to someone than it is to give them your opinion.


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