Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship

By:Tyra Kornegay

It's important to have digital citizenship guidelines enforced in classrooms. When you apply digital citizenship in all of your technological aspects of a class, it ensures that everyone will have a good experience that includes safety and comfortability. There are nine elements of digital citizenship that should be enforced. They are: digital access, commerce, communication, litteracy, etiquette, law, rights and responsibility, health and wellness, and security. When rules and regulations are followed by everyone, it is appreciated more from everyone!

Bringing attention to the importance of health and technology is essential. This includes taking breaks every so hours from the computer, setting hourly limits to how long one should be exposed to screens, and eye health

Health and Wellness

Digital Citizenship

Why ?

Other's work


It Starts in the Classroom!

Video on etiquette

Students should know the importance of citing sources for projects and assginments. This falls under rights and responsibility to ensure the security of the author and YOU!

Communication makes sure everyone is together. There are so many tools that can do this (email, Twitter, etc.) It is important that everyone has the ability to have access to technology in the schools.

All personal informationand passwords should be private and never shared!

Know the limits online! It will keep you out of trouble

Make sure you are safe when it comesto where you shop online. Shop on approvedsites and always have parental consent!


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