[2014] Colleen Boggs: Digital Citizenship

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[2014] Colleen Boggs: Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship

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Key facts for technology safety!

For more information and activities for the topics below go to Digital Passport by clicking on the brain!!!

Help end cyberbullying by standing up for the victims!Do not respond to bullies!If you are being cyberbullied seek support from family!Treat others the way you would want to be treated!

You are free to use work from the public domain!Make sure to credit others properly for their work!Get credit for your work!Passing off someone else's work as yours is illegal!

Make sure to use specific keywords in your searches!Use enough keywords to sufficiently narrow down your online searches!Put quotation marks around groups of words you search!

Ask people before posting videos or pictures of them!Do not click on links sent by people you do not know!Post only information that you would not mind anybody being able to see!

Be responsible when you are using technology! Multitasking is dangerous!It is rude to use your phone in company, be respectful!Technology can be extremely distracting!


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